Zatch Bell Movie 2 Download Free

Zatch Bell Movie 2 Download Free


Zatch Bell Movie 2 Download

The rest of the movie tells of the events that would occur if things went wrong, as described by Dr. M2: Dr. M2 tells Zatch that if he does not control his emotions during the fight with Death 18, Zatch could die. Zatch gets into a brief argument with Kiyo, then runs off to battle. One of the Death Mechanics sneaks into Zatch’s bag to steal the spell book from the picture Zatch drew for Gash. As Dr. M2 appears to be winning, Kiyomaro runs off to find Zatch and tells him that Death 18 has taken the picture. Dr. M2 trips Kiyomaro, who accidentally slips and falls down a water tunnel. Kiyo calls Zatch and tells him to go to the surface, where he confronts Death 18 about the picture. As they are about to fight, Zatch climbs into a transport capsule and runs out of the area along with the Death Mechanics, who run off after Kiyomaro.

During a concert in a building, Zatch spots a group of mysterious smoke monsters known as Djinn appearing and disappearing on the air vents among the crowd. Kiyo, who had been in another nearby building, has been kidnapped by a group of people wearing white masks. Zatch smashes through the door of the building and finds Kiyo being tied, gagged, and restrained as a Djinn attacks him. Zatch manages to knock the Djinn off Kiyo, and the Djinn falls into the street. Just as the Djinn is about to hurtle down, the security robots appear and shoot them, causing them to fly across the entire city. Zatch dives after the Djinn as well, despite the robot’s repeated attempts to shoot him.

By this time, the Death Mechanics have recovered Kiyomaro, and find out Big Eye is working for Zatch. They grab Kiyomaro and follow Zatch and Kiyo to the top of a building. Just as the Death Mechanics are about to shoot Kiyo, Wiseman arrives, using his giant robots to cut the Death Mechanics’s firing cable. As Wiseman commands Death 18 to kidnap Kiyo, Zatch arrives and trades blows with Wiseman, and Zatch ends up dying.


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