Xcom 2 Adult Mod |LINK| 👽

Xcom 2 Adult Mod |LINK| 👽

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Xcom 2 Adult Mod

Two enterprising modders — who appear to be the same two players who have already made a tidy profit off of nude mods for XCOM: Enemy Unknown — have compiled a collection of screenshots of all the nude mechanics in XCOM 2, making a thread to share their discoveries. It’s not a huge list — there are only 40, 25 of which can be seen with the naked eye — but when XCOM 2 is on sale shortly it’ll be a lot fewer than you’d think.

I’m not sure this trope will add new content, but is certainly cute, as is this, which shows an alternative in which the hot aliens are nude, with all of the soldiers wearing the same uniforms as them.

I’m only including it here as a lovely example of how X-Com fans are already combining the many disparate elements of XCOM with other genres like adventure, strategy, and survival to make the best possible version of their favorite shooter. Given that XCOM 2 is planning to let players play co-op, these mods may well turn X-Com into a living RPG in a lot of interesting ways.

A modder named Damian390 came up with a solution to that problem by running multiple copies of the game at once, each with its own random number generator. The mod, Dual XCOM, can be downloaded here (opens in new tab). You obviously only want to play it if you have room in your hard drive, though, as it requires both Firestorm and Crossover to run.




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