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The film, which opens in Australia on July 27, records the extraordinary story of.

The trailer, adapted from a best-selling book, has been released to coincide with a national tour by one of the actors who play the victims of Hillsong lead pastor Brian Houston. The tour, which started on July 20, plays the Melbourne, Sydney and Perth public art galleries in preparation for a national tour next year. The film begins with a voice-over that tells the story of the victims.

It concludes with a voice-over from Houston, who tells the story of those he knows and lives with. These are the family members and friends that he still finds hard to approach after his conviction.

He says in the trailer: I have to have something like this. I’m constantly giving. And they constantly remind me that my wife wants me to have a heart.

But there will never be any justice for the families.

Houston was cleared of rape by the jury. While he was convicted on two lesser charges, there was evidence that he had sex with three of the teenagers. He was jailed for six years.

The film, produced by Mirvac, opens in Australia on July 27 and will be the opening film at this year’s Sydney Film Festival.

In Conversation: The idea for this film came from the serious doubts that our director has about the justice system, he told the crowd of an audience filled with Brian Houston fans.

As we began work on this project, we could not be more pleased and honoured to be introducing the families of the victims to an audience.

This was a traumatic time for them but by sharing this profound story of family and of love, Brian Houston’s victims are reconnecting with a freedom they never thought they would have. It has been an incredible experience and we look forward to sharing it with audiences around Australia.

The Archbishop of Sydney, Anthony Fisher, declared a moratorium on the event this year, saying the decision was made in light of the sexual abuse crisis. Houston’s response to that decision was a statement that supporters have linked to the names and phone numbers of survivors who had been abused in the film.

How many times have we been told that you can never make the.

How many times have we been told that you can never make the.

Se habla español. How many times have we been told that you can never make the.

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