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Athletes’ Foot: It’s more than just athlete’s foot. You’ll need to change the footwear before the feet gets sore. You can put a small bandage on to protect your feet from too much rubbing when washing. Small antiseptics are useful. You can apply a hot compress with water as soon as you notice any soreness. You can mix honey and lemon and spread the solution on to the area. Try to stay off the affected part for 30 minutes afterwards. Continue Antifungal sprays can be added to the treatment of Athlete’s Foot. You need to apply them regularly to prevent recurrence. They can be used at times when you are showering and drying your feet. You can also use them at bedtime. It will also disinfect you feet.

If you are worried about athlete’s foot, you need to start by making sure that you take the following preventive measures.

You need to wash your feet thoroughly.

You need to trim your toenails regularly.

You need to dry your feet in a warm, well ventilated place.

You need to wear comfortable shoes.

If you do not keep the foot clean and dry, you will find that it is far easier for athlete’s foot to start occurring.

Caring for Your Feet

You can use foot cream – but ensure that you only use foot creams that are specifically for the feet.

You can use foot cream even if you do not have athlete’s foot.

You can use foot powder.

You can use shower gel to apply hot (no hotter than 38°C) water to feet.

Try to get a good night’s sleep.

You need to spend time away from the television.

If you find that your feet become dry or itchy, make sure that you moisturise the skin and feet


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