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Browser profiles are much like user accounts in Windows: they allow a browser to be used by more than one person, saving the preferred configuration settings for each. HydraHeaders is an application that facilitates the management of browser profiles, while also providing options to store and apply different proxy settings.
The purpose of HydraHeaders is to centralize all your browser profiles in a single place, offering enhanced control over all your accounts, regardless of the device they are associated with.
Emulates desktops, phones, tablets and laptops 
The application comes with an integrated emulator that can target desktops, laptops, tablets and different phone operating systems. It supports different monitor sizes for laptops, different iPad and iPhone models and other Apple devices, as well as different models of mobile phones.  
Using the built-in emulator, you won’t have to think about differences in device resolutions or screen sizes. Not even browser locale settings are of any concern, as the browser language is also customizable.
As for the user agent, HydraHeaders supports Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on Windows or Linux. You can configure all these settings while creating a new profile, along with the default URL and the proxy to use. For security purposes, WebRTC is disabled by default while using HydraHeaders so as to prevent unauthorized IP interceptions.
Acts as a proxy manager as well 
Aside from emulating browser identities, HydraHeaders can also store various proxy profiles. In other words, it enables you to save your extensive list of proxies and use them individually whenever needed.
It comes with support for the SOCKS5 and HTTP/S protocols.
A proxy and browser profile manager 
HydraHeaders is a handy management tool for both browser profiles and proxy servers, allowing you to store all your identities and your proxy servers in a single place. It would come in handy to be able to export the lists of entries and save it locally.







HydraHeaders [Updated]

HydraHeaders – A Browser Profiles Manager, A Proxy Manager, and a WebRTC Secure Proxy

You can see its demo.


You can set them in Firefox: Preferences > Advanced > Network > Settings > Connections tab.
If you don’t know what to choose, go with one of the IPv4 settings. You can also change it to IPv6.


HydraHeaders is the right tool for the job.

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How to import a svn trunk repository to gitlab?

I have a source code repository that has been hosted for a while on a private svn server. The project is on a private gitlab server as well.
I would like to import the svn repo into gitlab. What is the preferred way?


You can use the git-svn command to create git repositories from existing svn repositories. You would want to run git svn init from the directory containing your svn repo.
If you have some local copy of the svn repo directory you can use git svn fetch.

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Make your macros run on command line or ssh.

Instructions on setting this up:

How to install:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:torvalds/linux-acpi
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install hydraheaders

to set up udev rules
# This file has been auto-generated by the ‘Configure udev rules’ command.
# It has a comment starting with ‘# To learn more about udev, see ‘
# Editing it is not recommended.

# Manage users.
ACTION!=”add”, GOTO=”add_user”
SUBSYSTEM==”useradd”, ACTION==”add”, GOTO=”add_user”

ACTION!=”remove”, GOTO=”remove_user”
SUBSYSTEM==”userdel”, ACTION==”remove”, GOTO=”remove_user”

ACTION==”add_user”, KERNEL==”*”, GOTO=”add_user”
ACTION==”add_user”, SUBSYSTEMS==”udev”, GOTO=”add_user”

ACTION==”remove_user”, KERNEL==”*”, GOTO=”remove_user”
ACTION==”remove_user”, SUBSYSTEMS==”udev”, GOTO=”remove_user”

ACTION==”add_user”, USERNAME==”*”, UID==”*”, TAG+=”systemd”, GOTO=”add_user”

ACTION==”remove_user”, USERNAME==”*”, GOTO=”remove_user”

# Manage groups.
# gid should be added to group of a user to create it as a member of that group
ACTION!=”add”, GOTO=”add_group”

ACTION==”add”, GOTO=”add_group”

# The group’s gid should be added to a group
# to add the user to a group
# GID!= “”

# The group’s gid should be removed from a group
# The gid belongs to a group, which should be removed
# The gid

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HydraHeaders is a free and open source browser extension that lets you manage the profiles of multiple web browsers on different devices.
You can set up and manage browser profiles using any one of the browsers supported by HydraHeaders (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari).
You can use the built-in emulator to emulate different versions of desktop, mobile and tablet devices.
Create, manage and test your browser profiles locally or remotely using the built-in emulator.
You can even configure the available proxy servers locally or remotely.
Using the built-in emulator, you won’t have to think about differences in device resolutions or screen sizes. Not even browser locale settings are of any concern, as the browser language is also customizable.
The HydraHeaders features support Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari on the desktop. HydraHeaders also supports mobile versions of both these browsers on Android and iOS devices.
You can use the built-in emulator to emulate different versions of desktop, mobile and tablet devices.
Using the built-in emulator, you won’t have to think about differences in device resolutions or screen sizes. Not even browser locale settings are of any concern, as the browser language is also customizable.
HydraHeaders is an extension for the Google Chrome browser only. It does not affect Mozilla Firefox or Safari.
HydraHeaders is available in multiple languages. If you know a language other than English, you can change the language of your browser through a simple configuration setting.
HydraHeaders is a free software that requires no additional installation. It works from both Mac and Windows systems.
The user agent of HydraHeaders is available in multiple languages. You can choose the user agent of your browser from within the settings.
It comes with support for the SOCKS5 and HTTP/S protocols.
The HydraHeaders manual is available in multiple languages.
The emulated monitors are available in various sizes. You can configure the screen sizes used in the built-in emulator from within the settings.
The proxy list is available in multiple languages. You can choose the proxy server you would like to use from within the settings.
The proxy list is available in multiple languages. You can choose the proxy server you would like to use from within the settings.
The HydraHeaders logo is available in multiple languages.
The HydraHeaders icon is available in multiple languages.


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What’s New in the?

Web app with profile management, proxy servers and a proxy manager
HydraHeaders is a useful tool for managing browser profiles and proxy servers. It has a built-in proxy manager that allows you to store various proxies and use them independently whenever needed.
This program is especially handy if you need to use various proxies from different locations, for example, your home and work, or maybe need to use a proxy to access the Internet at your university but your home broadband provider doesn’t give you access.
The only requirement for using this application is that you need to have a web browser that supports WebRTC. 
All local data is saved in local databases, so you won’t lose them if the program is shut down unexpectedly or removed from the computer.
This is a web app that is designed to be used on a web browser, so you will need to have Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari installed on your computer to install it. 
You can also use other browsers, such as Opera or Firefox for Windows, without installing the application.


Chromedit for Android 2.3.1


3/5 stars


Size: 696.8 MB

Developer: Saiga Computer Consulting


Chromedit for Android is an application that enables you to edit mobile web browsers. The application is developed by Saiga Computer Consulting.
This application can be used for editing the configuration of your smartphone or tablet. The feature set includes a configuration editor that allows you to create, delete, rename, or edit different data inside the browser.
It is important to note that the application is not designed for use with any specific browser. In addition, you will need to have rooted your device in order to use it.
One of the most interesting features of the application is the ability to change the name of the device. For instance, if you have a device with the name “my phone” and you want to change it to “my cool phone”, you can easily do so.
Other features of the app include a configuration file manager that allows you to search your storage device to find files that contain the browser names, and a QR code generator that can be used to create custom codes to access a certain website.
This application is available for free. You can download it from Google Play.


Logan for Android 1.1.7


5/5 stars


Size: 41.2 MB

Developer: Löbner App-Geschäft GmbH


Logan is a mobile browser for Android. It


System Requirements:

(Minimum specs to run the game)
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and up
Intel Pentium III 1.0GHz or faster
512 MB RAM
Hard Disk:
4 GB HD space
Video Card:
Microsoft DirectX 11 compliant
Sound Card:
Direct X 11 compliant
Input Devices:
Mouse, Keyboard, Joystick
(To enjoy better graphics in the game you may need to have a graphics card and monitor that


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