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23 February 2020. 08:21 GMT, 03:21 PM.
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Flask-SQLAlchemy: INSERT INTO cannot have multiple values for one column

I’m starting to use Flask-SQLAlchemy and I’m having problems inserting data into my database. My database looks like this:
create table email (
emailid bigint not null auto_increment,
userid bigint not null,
email smallint not null,
primary key (emailid)

A userid is foreignkey of the primary key. I tried the following SQL queries (one after the other) and both of them give me errors.
email = db.Table(’email’,
db.Column(’emailid’, db.Integer, db.PrimaryKey()),
db.Column(‘userid’, db.Integer),
db.Column(’email’, db.Integer),
db.ForeignKey(‘user.emailid’, onupdate=’CASCADE’),
db.ForeignKey(‘user.userid’, onupdate=’CASCADE’))

email.insert(userid=1, email=1, userid=2, email=2)

email.insert(userid=1, email=1, userid=2, email=2, userid=3, email=3)

First: ERROR: insertion into table “email” violates foreign key constraint “fk_user_email


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