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Fractron 9000 is a handy, easy to use GPU accelerated fractal flame renderer. This tool requires a video card that supports OpenGL 2.0 (OpenCL or CUDA recommended).







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— Very fast fractal renderer for any surface type
— GPU acceleration
— Uses vertex and fragment shaders for high performance rendering
— Supports any texture type, including animated and looping textures
— Supports any particle system (dual quads, ring/sphere, cube)
— Supports WYSIWYG shaders (GUI based shader construction, etc)
— For fractal rendering/creation, the more the merrier, and the more vertices the better
— You can build the fractal and render it just by clicking (for any texture type) or dragging and dropping (for animated and looping textures)
— Supports sound, particle/material/lighting systems, all scales/rendering styles (explosions, glitch, slow rendering, small bumps, random, etc)
— Can run as standalone application (render) or in full screen mode (interface only)
— Fast single threaded renderer/gpu accelerated
— Supports 8 vertex/fragment shaders
— Support for both OpenGL 2.0 and OpenGL 3.0 (NVIDIA with NVIDIA/AMD or ATI with OpenGL3.3 support)
— Can build/create shaders with ShaderBuilder
— Supports animated and looping textures
— Supports animated textures
— Can be used as a standalone application (uses OpenGL2) or as a fullscreen program (uses OpenGL3)

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Fractron 9000

Single line macro, such as ENV8
Command line option to run:
Command line option to run without extra parameters:
Keyboard Shortcuts:
Keyboard Shortcut Description:

The Gen4 v1.0.3.4 software was developed using the DEMakerX Studio IDE. This program can be used to create floorplans and renders using Gen4. The standard render settings can be controlled by modifying the.ini file located in the render tool directory.
Target color of floodlighting:

In-preview – no longer active – gen4paint2 is a GUI that lets you paint and export Gen4 models as.obj files. This software is no longer being maintained and is not compatible with newer versions of Gen4.
Target color of floodlighting:

In-preview – no longer active – Gen4paint2 is a GUI that lets you paint and export Gen4 models as.obj files. This software is no longer being maintained and is not compatible with newer versions of Gen4.
– Reshape highlighter brush
– Select draw order in layers
– Preset brush and highlighter settings
– Hotkeys for brush, highlighter, undo/redo, file manager
– Cursor tool to translate, rotate, scale, and move models, camera
– Full screen mode
– Support for both full-screen and windowed mode
– Smart scaling using existing resolution
– 2x2x2 cube maps
– 4x4x4 cube maps
– Multiple layers (dual-buffered)
– Multiple images per layer (dual-buffered)
– Multiple brushes per layer (dual-buffered)
– Multiple meshes per brush (dual-buffered)
– Background image (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TGA, TIFF, or TIFQ)
– Layer opacity: default = 255, layer settings = 255 – 0
– Overlays layer: default = 0, layer settings = 0 – 0
– Brush alpha: default = 1.0, layer settings = 1.0 – 0
– Undo/redo: default = auto, layer settings = auto – 0
– File manager: default = D:\
– Search path: default = D:\
– Window title: “Gen4 Paint”
– Window icon: “paint

Fractron 9000 Keygen Full Version [Mac/Win] [Updated]

Fractron 9000 is a GPU accelerated fractal flame renderer. It is fast, small, and easy to use. It renders real time fractals, flames, and fire. It runs on Windows XP or above, and Mac OS X 10.5 or above.

Fractron was written by Michael Vick. Fractron 9000 is a direct descendant of Fractron 9000.


Real time flame, fire, and fractals.
Full support for 3D models.
Supports fractal files (dx, dz, cfgz, pcf)
Supports a variety of color schemes.
Supports hot and glow effects.
Supports a lot of options.
Comes with a utility application that can produce fireball fractals.
Supports image input.
Supports more colors than the original Fractron 9000.
Works without a third party library.
Comes with an example.fx file (\bin\frank\xex\text.fx)


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What’s New In?

This tool has all the necessary features to create spectacular and amazing fractal flames. You can use the fractal generation algorithm to create many types of fractal flames. You can create a wide variety of thicknesses. Fractal flames can be animated with the ability to copy a fractal flame to another layer. You can also do a one shot export of a flame layer to a video file. This can be used as a prelude to creating special effects or creating a video with special effects.

– Generates a fractal flame with all the necessary layers.
– Thicker fractal flames are easy to create and use.
– Animated fractal flames are very easy to create and use.
– Layer based fractal flames can be easily exported to a video file.
– You can easily view all the fractal layers with a live preview.
– You can change the fractal generation algorithm to create an infinite number of fractal flames.

Technical information:
• Fractal flame rendering is done with the OpenGL framebuffer object and the OpenGL Fragment Program.
• You can change the fractal generation algorithm for a large selection of fractal flames.
• This tool can be used to render a nice and beautiful fractal flame to a video file.
• Export a single fractal flame layer to a video file.
• You can display all the layers of a fractal flame, with a nice live preview.
• All the fractal layers can be easily copied to another layer.
• You can create a video with all the fractal flames.

How to create a fractal flame with this tool:
To create a fractal flame, you will need to have all the necessary tools available.

1. Fractal flame creation:
When creating a fractal flame with this tool, you will first need to choose the fractal generation algorithm. This can be done by pressing the left mouse button and then clicking on a tab on the right. Once this is done, press OK. You will then be given a choice of fractal algorithms to choose from. The fractal algorithms are:

1. Default fractal flame:
In this case, we just use the default fractal generation algorithm. This is for the typical easy flame.

2. Skeleton fractal flame:
This is the default setting.

3. Advanced Skeleton fractal flame:
This is a very advanced fractal generation algorithm. If you like creating very thin fractal flames, you will most likely want to choose the advanced skeleton fractal flame. This is where the algorithm gets its name. To activate this algorithm, click on the advanced settings tab on the right side. In this tab, there is a slider. This slider shows how much you want to move the fractal flames so that they look thinner. There is also a button in this tab. If you click on the button, it

System Requirements For Fractron 9000:

*Requires Windows® XP or newer version of Windows*
*Requires Intel® Pentium® 4 or equivalent processor with SSE2 support*
*Requires 256MB or higher RAM*
*Requires Windows® 7 or newer version of Windows*
*Requires 512MB or higher RAM*
*Requires 1GB or higher RAM*
*Requires Windows® 8 or newer version of Windows*

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