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Not a good day for the Ford family, as they’ve faced significant setbacks in the discovery stage of their case against their two children’s schools.

The case centres on Education Queensland’s refusal to accept that the parties’ son has dyslexia, which has negatively impacted on his ability to develop a career as a doctor.

Yesterday, The Queensland Court of Appeal handed down a judgment in favour of Education Queensland in relation to a claim under the Disability Discrimination Act.

The Ford family has lost a court case against the authority after judges found the law did not apply to them because they are not members of the public.

The parents, who are being sued by Education Queensland and barrister Robert Richard, said on Tuesday the decision was a major setback for their son.

“It’s the third major set-back for him and the parents. We had to fight and fight to get him accepted as a doctor and the last obstacle is Education Queensland,” their lawyer, Iain Rolfe, said.

He said the family would consider its options, but would be focusing its efforts on getting him assessed as a doctor.

The Queensland Supreme Court found in 2008 that the parents’ son was dyslexic and has a reading disability that did not have a generic or a disability origin.The current state of the art in AGC requires excessive cold for the startup of vehicles. The cold starts for AGC usually require about 30 to 45 minutes. The current state of the art for warm-up control for vehicles is to have a timer that usually takes about 12 minutes. If the controller is not corrected as soon as one of the conditions for warm-up occurs, the engine will shut off and restart.
An example of the current method for warm-up control is through a temperature sensor or a particular algorithm. The problem with this method is that there is no feedback information on the current condition of the vehicle and, thus, the warm-up control does not make a connection between the vehicle and environment. The vehicle usually starts to run when it cools down in the current method due to the lack of feedback information. If the vehicle is traveling at a low


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