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Hello, I’m sure the engine is powerful so I hope you write some more after the update of this site. there are now more then 11000 posts on this site. I also have my question in one post for your answer aswell. I hope you can help me also. There are the update posts and posts with the same or similar questions on this site.

How can I make ChemDraw Professional open only with a file that I choose? I use Windows 7. In the options open with, I have a list of programs, including programs that have nothing to do with ChemDraw. As soon as I click, the ChemDraw Professional opens. I can’t find how to change this.

I did everything recommended but still cannot get Enthoven XII to run. It starts but I get this error: “Enthoven XII™ – Not Found” Any idea what the problem could be? Is it worth another try of reinstalling? If so, where is the installer? I used an Internet directory for the CD and downloaded it to my desktop.

How can I get iTunes U podcast feed in ChemDraw? I find no way or I’m not using the right key word to find one. The play button has a green plus sign that signifies a podcast feed but the ChemDraw toolbar has not feed option or even play button.

Hello! Is this a new format or is this an old format? I can’t find a way to download the dll file. I downloaded everything I found and tried to put in the directory that the folder was in. I copied both files to the c folder. I saved the files there and tried to put the dll file in the same folder that the dx file was in. The program didn’t activate.

The software is easy to use. For example, I just added a new structure to the database and then draw the molecule on the screen, and one click he created the subsequent representations and the thus, generated structures without me doing much. Thus, he course of the learn. Thank you Munaralieva.

I’ve tried the Student version and also the Euro version. The Student version works fine, but the Euro version can’t create a chemical database. I use it for quick calculations and views of a structure.


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