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Catia V6 R2012x Crack Js0group Dlll

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.Polish legislative candidates battle over abortion

WARSAW (Reuters) – In the battle for Poland’s parliament’s lower house, polling is near an end to a race that has redrawn the political landscape of Europe’s most Catholic country and focused attention on its Catholic-dominated media industry.

As the last of the country’s 43 lower house seats are being decided on Sunday, Poland’s candidates have made headlines by embracing contentious social issues, including gay rights and women’s rights.

But it is the surprising decision by opposition heavyweight, Donald Tusk, to back conservative MPs in a controversial abortion referendum vote to come next month that has injected a tense new dimension to the elections.

Tusk’s decision to endorse the Catholic-dominated Law and Justice Party (PiS), which has close ties to Poland’s Catholic Church, has fueled worry in the West that a resounding election victory by PiS could spell the end for Europe’s last democracy.

The party, which started out as a populist conservative force, has been blamed by some for a series of government actions that have seen it clamp down on press freedom, attack critics and push through a government-led push for mass Catholic weddings.

With tensions rising, and France, Germany, the United States and the European Union all keeping a close eye on the Polish election, the outcome is being closely watched in many countries across the continent.

Prime Minister Beata Szydlo heads a centrist-led government that is considered weak and has been in a steady decline over the past few years.

PiS has been riding a wave of support over its economic success, a bailout and fresh election wins for the party in recent years.

As Poland’s biggest party by seat count, PiS aims to use Sunday’s result to extend its political reach deep into opposition ranks in the upper house of parliament, where it has just one member,


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