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With just a small percentage of the park’s approximately 2.4 million acres drained, the forest floor is covered with a thick layer of smooth, black soil.

On a day in late May, we headed into the forest to check out the snakes.

Mr. Steven, a biologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, counted 10 California kingsnakes and 13 two-lined kingsnakes. Each snake was a little bit longer than a pinky finger, with a tan back and some light-colored blotches on the side of their bodies.

One of the snakes caught our attention. It seemed to have a special spot on its head, and as we crouched down to take a closer look it started moving.

After a few nervous moments, the snake stopped and lay still.

The biologists wanted us to take a picture of the snake. They called it a “snake selfie,” and the picture showed on the way to our car.

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The Gees Valley Rattlesnakes were also mentioned in the news. Read about them here.

The California kingsnake is named for its resemblance to the king snake of South America. There are not many differences in appearance between the two species. The California king snake has white lines in its back and side.

David Berner, curator of herpetology at the California Academy of Sciences, told CBS News that a wide range of species call the redwoods home.

“We have everything from terrapins,


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