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Download Alamara1931movie free
Download Alamara1931movie free

Movie type: Brindabhishek – Hindi
Music and song: Sanjay Subhash – Sangeet Samrat

Directed by:

Editor: C. L. Ashwini

Cast: Rajkumari, C. L. R. Ramchandra, G. H. Essayian, C. L. R. Kapur, N. M. Abbas, J. B. Kulkarni, Mahesh Kripalani, S. C. Barve, Raza, Baby Kotnis

Lyrics: Kabir

Released: 1934

Runtime: 87 min

Studio: Ramchandra Film Company



Production Company: Ramchandra Film Company

Scene Technicians:

Cameraman: Vishram Achrekar, Baburao Patel,

Studio: Rangoon.

Sound Engineers: Chitragupta Achrekar, Keshav, Hansa.

Writers: Kabir,

Special Effects: P. K. Raja,

Studio: Rangoon

Archives The Producer’s Cut: a 1961 version.


This is the Hindi version, which appeared in 1934, starring Rajkumari as the lead actress and became the first Indian talkie film.
It is the only film which can be considered to have revolutionized the cinema and cinema practices. The introduction of songs and dance, innovative storyline and innovative style of director .
It has been regarded as one of the most significant milestones in the history of Indian cinema, being the first Indian talkie film. The English, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi and Telugu versions of the movie were produced by Filmistan, Tamil Nadu, film producer P. K. Raja. The full-length version includes a number of special effects. It has been dubbed in Hindi in 1989. There is a 1961 colour version, which was regarded as lost until a copy was discovered in 1981. The critical path included songs, dance and was made with far better technique and production values than most previous films. It also received favourable reviews. and directed by Y. V. Rao.

Novel version

This version was made by Lt. Col. R. Subbaraya


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